I created this textile book to document my process, work, and inspiration together. Focusing on my concept I experimented with paper, natural dyes, and bioplastics to mimic the feeling of the signs I would see in LA. 



Accompanied by photographs by Alec Dibell.

Paper Mache and Fabric

Paper Mache

Paper Mache

Paper and Embroidery

Paper embroidery 

Wax paper, newspaper

Paper Mache

Paper Mache

Naturally Dyed with Spinach

Paper Mache and Bioplastic

Naturally dyed with Spinach

Naturally Dyed with Onion Skin

Paper in Bioplastic

Onion Skin

Tumeric and Tea


Naturally dyed with Onion Skin

Naturally Dyed with Tumeric and Tea

Naturally dyed with Tumeric, Tea, and Baking soda

Bioplastic and paper mache

Bioplastic and paper